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In today's economy, it is imperative to diversify one's experience. This is especially true in the consulting engineering industry. In order to have a leading edge, one must diversify one's experience and find innovative ways of design for any project or application.

Good planning means starting with the right information, and X-CEL offers complete field investigation service, including field surveys of existing facilities and sites as well as in-depth planning meetings to define the clients necessary design parameters.

Our past project experience includes the Mechanical and Electrical design for office buildings, hospitals, schools, churches, libraries, airports, residential, etc. We believe that our past project ecperience allows us to approach any type of project with innovative designs to meet a desired program or construction budget. This is especially important in today's economy as all companies and clients are keeping a close watch on project budgets.

Planning Services

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With our past experience, we can convert our client's needs into a comprehensive plan for success. Out planning strategies can be tailored to our client's project need which typically fall into the following categories: